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Manufacturing Plant Construction Cost Certainty

Leverage collaboration for your value.

Understand benefits and costs early in your project—you deserve the opportunity to make decisions on the budget allocation of your manufacturing facility project.

By tracking what is changing, how it is changing, and whether those changes were intentional, real-time estimating keeps manufacturing facility projects on track and owners informed at a deep level.

Our estimating team works closely with the engineering team throughout the engineering process to keep the project owner in the loop. With updates as often as every week, estimators compare one 3D model to the next, then quantify and identify the value associated with changes between them.

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In a volatile manufacturing construction market, financial planning for new and renovated facilities presents challenges to project owners of all types. As industry experts, our manufacturing construction cost team regularly tracks construction costs and keeps a pulse on the market for our clients. Read the comprehensive, digestible economic report our team has published.

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Make real-time decisions throughout your manufacturing construction project.

You deserve a champion in the manufacturing design and construction process

The depth of our manufacturing plant construction cost services, including real-time estimating, is designed to position us as your champion throughout the construction process. Real-time estimating allows you to best understand the benefits and costs of what you’re buying, in terms of both materials and services. Our goal is to ensure you can make evaluations on your options before construction ever begins.

Our clients typically gain five percent more value because of the insight our team brings to the table.

We track and monitor all developments

Throughout the engineering process, our estimators work hand-in-hand with the engineering team to review updated 3D models as often as weekly. By comparing models against each other, quantifying changes, and applying value to them, project owners receive unmatched insight into the plans and gain the ability to provide a deeper level of direction in all aspects.

The benefits of double- and triple-checking

The sheer volume of moving parts within any manufacturing construction project, whether new build or renovation, makes it challenging for one team to understand every facet and impact of each decision. Our manufacturing plant construction cost estimators can check that information against the plans and then deliver updated, accurate information to the project owner.

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The manufacturing construction market is dynamic and full of opportunities, requiring strategic planning to navigate successfully through projects. As experts in the industry, our preconstruction team closely monitors the market to provide valuable insights for our clients and partners.