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100% Employee Owned

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Employee Ownership in Manufacturing Design and Construction

Aligning associates to achieve a mutual goal

Ownership by employees cultivates a dynamic and cooperative atmosphere, stimulating the generation of innovative and progressive ideas to surmount challenges. This translates to mutual advantages for both employees and clients, ensuring that everyone involved enjoys the fruits of a successful building experience.

What is an ESOP?

McCownGordon is proud to be 100% employee owned.

An ESOP is an employee ownership structure that works similar to a 401k, meaning it is a qualified retirement plan. Employees are given ownership over the company’s stock and more shares are distributed to employees over time. Each employee has their own account that holds their shares in the company.

Employee Ownership in Manufacturing Design and Construction attracts top talent, increases productivity and encourages employees to stay at McCownGordon for the long-term. When as associate becomes fully vested, their name gets proudly added to a custom handcrafted ESOP wall.

McCownGordon Construction associates out on a jobsite

Enhancing the McCownGordon culture

As a 100% employee-owned company, our people and service to our clients make the difference.

Our employees adopt an owner’s mindset, discovering heightened motivation to meet the highest standards. With everyone having a stake in the company’s success, collaboration rises as key in achieving our goals. Ultimately, the shared objective is to improve our workplace for the benefit of both ourselves and our clients.

We take pride in fostering a culture of continual improvement, marked by celebrations such as share price reveals, company picnics, holiday parties, and more. These events ensure that every individual has employee wwnership in manufacturing design and construction, and feels empowered to contribute and make a difference at McCownGordon.



What does it mean for clients?

Employee ownership highly benefits both associates and clients. Positive evolution in methods and processes requires companies to welcome change and foster innovative thinking. Failing to embrace and adapt for the future poses the risk of lagging behind. In a culture where 100% of employees own a stake, each associate is empowered to introduce fresh ideas and question the established norms.

Research indicates that staff at all levels are more engaged when they have a vested interest in the company’s success. The Gallup survey underscores this, revealing that over 98% of associates are engaged. This demonstrates their understanding of expectations, belief in the significance of their work, receipt of regular recognition, and opportunities for growth.

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Building long-term relationships

Employee owners exhibit a higher tendency to remain with a company for extended periods, potentially throughout their entire careers, fostering enduring relationships with clients. Recognizing the challenges in the construction journey for clients, McCownGordon pledges to streamline the process.

Our approach involves accessible and helpful individuals dedicated to cultivating genuine, long-standing relationships. Remaining faithful to our customer experience promise, we consistently deliver, with over 70% of our projects being for repeat clients.

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RELATIONSHIPS are The first thing we build.

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Two McCownGordon Construction associates laughing and collaborating while looking at plans on a job site
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